Our goal is to make sure your family remains comfortable. To do this, we have air conditioners, furnaces, air purification systems and more. We have been established in Bozeman, MT, for almost 20 years, so you know you can trust us to stand behind our work.


We have the experience and knowledge to design a system that will maintain a comfortable working climate in your space.

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Service Plans

We have service plans to fit every need you may have. Service plans help maintain your systems and catch problems when there is time to repair a furnace before you require an air conditioner or furnace installation.

At Air Controls Bozeman, we stand by our work!

Air Controls Bozeman is more than just your local heating and air installers. We follow a simple philosophy of standing behind the work we do. When we complete an air conditioner or furnace installation in Bozeman, MT, you can be sure it is done right, and that we will make sure you are happy.

With departments that focus on heating and air service for our residential and commercial customers, we can handle multiple heating and air projects, and give the same excellent customer service to everyone.  Whether you are looking to have an air conditioner or furnace installation completed, we have the skills and experience to make sure your home or office climate is always comfortable.  When your building needs an HVAC system repaired or replaced, we will walk you through what you need and how we can do the job.

A simple air conditioner or furnace installation in Bozeman, MT, is not enough for our customers. We also offer the air and furnace repair that will help keep your units running. We service all makes and models, and our furnace repair specialists have the knowledge to keep your furnace functioning. Of course we will be there if your unit needs to be replaced, but that is not always necessary. We can help, either way.

In fact, we are the experts at heating and air service in Bozeman, MT.  If you need your AC repaired, we can do it.  Don’t wait to find out your heating and air conditioning system is not working when you adjust the thermostat. Call us to service it now.  We will check your system, point out any areas that need attention, and repair your complete heating and air system.  From your thermostat to your air handlers, we do it all.

That is not all we do.  If you are an allergy sufferer, you know how bad allergy season can be.  We can install an indoor air quality system to help purify your air, and control the humidity; making your life much more comfortable.

Our custom sheet metal shop can create anything you need.  Starting out creating custom ducts for businesses and homes, our shop is now able to create works of art in metal, as well as usable items such as kitchen cabinets.  If you need something made of metal, our sheet metal shop can create it for you.  Check out our past projects on Facebook and here.  With a custom sheet metal shop on property, we are so much more than just air conditioner and furnace repair and installation.

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